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Such crimes often leads to frank acquiescence, which is a direct encouragement to thieves. Sometimes we have to deal with such facts, when the leaders of enterprises and organizations, guided by purely personal considerations, not transmit material ua guilty to the investigating authorities did not find out the causes of the shortages and if so what are really concerned, because this finding various excuses for his subordinates.

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The Board of Consumer Societies for the entire year investigating authorities handed over only two articles about the shortage, although in commercial societies they found more than twenty. Behind all this is still limited and the attempt by leaders to administer justice to their subordinate enterprises, replacing and investigative agencies and prosecutors. Do I have to prove that it is the present lawlessness, a gross violation of norms of the socialist rule of law.

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Fulfilling the requirements of the Constitution, the Government's decision to fight against violations of law and crime, the prosecutor's office in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies spend a lot of work to eradicate anti-social manifestations. From year to year the number of inspections the rule of law, shall take effective measures to improve the effectiveness of inspections themselves. To give a visual representation of the work being done in this direction the country's prosecutor's office can, for example, result in a figure: every year in the sectors of the economy, institutions and organizations. collective and state farms held for more than 700,000 inspections of compliance with the law. Claims prosecutors people's courts shall be collected annually from more than EUR40 million, which caused damage to the state of their mismanagement, indifference to the good folk who have allowed shortage, damage to materials, cost overruns. Prosecuting authorities in this country are usually considered for a year and a half million complaints and citizens, about the same people come to a personal appointment.
Of course, a purely quantitative indicators of our work has not yet talking about its effectiveness, efficiency, and therefore we are now a great emphasis on the fact that every event held the prosecutor's office, was productive receive an appropriate public response has helped to improve things, prevent violations in the future.